Eurovacuum has been founded in 2006 and is a young company with a bright future ahead.
The founders of the company are misters Martin Smit & Jan Goes. Both have been involved into the vacuum market for many year and they have a combined vacuum knowledge of over 40 years.

Single stage vacuum pump EV‐series

Our company's Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump is the Sliding Vane Type "Gaede type". It employs oil to lubricate the rotating parts and to allow sealing effect upon vacuum formation, this will obtain a high degree of stable vacuum and high reliability. Air cooling, internal oil recirculation, integral oil mist separator for oil‐free exhaust air, low vibration and low noise level. High standard materials and computerized manufacturing process ensure high quality of the product. Standard Features: Direct driven by STD motor, Oil sight glass, Anti‐Suck back valve, Vibration isolators, Exhaust pressure gauge, Integral exhaust filter, Spin‐on Oil filter and Wire mesh inlet screen The EV‐series is available for many applications : the food packing industry, laboratories, packaging machines, de‐aeration of plastic moulds, presses and many other uses.

Available sizes from 10 to 750 m3/h
Available end‐pressures 0,5 to 20 mbar


Single stage dry claw pumps EVC & EVCP‐series

Our companies dry running claw vacuum pumps & compressors are robust pumps that can operate from 1000 mbar down to 5 mbar and the compressors up to 2,2 bar overpressure. The pumps are running “contact‐less” and do not need any lubricant inside the compression chamber, so called oil‐free running. Because of the contact‐less running the pumps need very little maintenance and perform very well in the following applications: printing, pick & place, packaging, CNC routing, vacuum lifting, central vacuum and general vacuum. All of our EVC & EVCP‐series pumps are equipped with exhaust silencer, noise reduction housing, anti‐suckback valve (vacuum version) and pressure regulate valve.

Available sizes from 55 to 500 m3/h
Typical vacuum: 1.000 till 5 mbar (abs)
Typical pressure: 0,6 till 2,2 bar (over pressure)


Turbo molecular pump EVT‐series

Eurovacuum has chosen to deliver Turbo molecular pumps manufactured by KYKY Technology Development Ltd. from Beijing in China, because these pumps are build at world‐class quality. To proof there quality these pumps are supplied with a 18 month warranty, the best warranty in the business. These pumps are the ideal solution for applications requiring rugged reliable and proven hardware.

Available sizes:
DN160 – 500 l/s
DN160 – 600 l/s
DN160 – 700 l/s
DN200 – 1200 l/s
DN200 – 1300 l/s
DN250 – 1600 l/s
DN250 – 2000 l/s
DN400 – 3500 l/s
Working on magnetic bearing turbo’s.


Double stage vacuum pump EVD‐series

The EVD‐series are two‐stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps. As basic equipments for vacuum acquisition, high speed rotary vacuum pumps are widely applied to high and low vacuum working environment required by academics and industries, such as laboratory and various analytical instruments, fitting out vacuum appliances equipment, production line for electronics, semi‐conductor, light bulbs etc.

The pumps have:
Excellent Performance
Novel Designing
Fine Technics
Simple Construction
Easy Maintenance

Available sizes from 2,5 to 450 m3/h
Typical partial pressure: 10‐4 mbar


Scroll vacuum pump EVSL‐series

The EVSL‐series are Dry Running Scroll vacuum pumps. A scroll vacuum pump uses two interleaved spirals to pump gases. One of the scrolls is fixed, while the other orbits eccentrically without rotating, thereby trapping and pumping or compressing pockets of gas between the scrolls. Their lack of valves, seals and glands makes them comparatively inexpensive to maintain, and the possibility of self‐service makes for a relatively low‐cost maintenance item compared to other pump types.

The pumps have:
Absolute Oil Free Vacuum
Low ultimate vacuum
Air Cooling
Easy Maintenance

Available size 30 m3/h
Typical end pressure: 1x10‐2 mbar
Expected sizes: 7 & 15 m3/h



Roots vacuum pump EVR‐series

The EVR‐series are Roots vacuum pumps. Other names for Roots pumps are “Lobe” pumps, Vacuum Blowers or Booster pumps. They are widely used in the Industry were a better vacuum and high pumping speed is required. Eurovacuum supplies its Roots pumps with following options: By‐pass valve (to have pumping speed in the rough vacuum range) and Magnetic Force Drive (no rotating sealing to the outside)

The pumps have:
Excellent Performance
Robust design
Simple Construction
Easy Maintenance

Available sizes from 125 to 9.000


Dry rotary vane vacuum pump EVDR‐series

The EVDR‐series are Dry Rotary Vane vacuum pumps & compressors. The EVDR vacuum pumps or compressors are oil‐free pumps with self‐lubricating vanes made of special carbon. They are ideal for all industrial applications requiring absolute oilfree operation. The EVDR‐series are designed for used in Packaging, Pick & Place, Print and Paper applications.

The pumps have:
Extra long‐life composite vanes
Low noise level
High reliability
Air Cooling
Easy Maintenance

Available sizes from 4 to 40 m3/h
Typical vacuum: 130 mbar (abs)
Typical pressure: 1 bar (over pressure)